A Groom’s Guide to Buying the Best Suit

A Groom’s Guide to Buying the Best Suit - Tomasso Black
And one day, there you will be in the same paint splattered shorts you’ve been wearing for three days and that holey t-shirt from college your spouse hasn’t quite managed to sneak into the trash bin yet. You are shaking your head no while all the married couples are standing behind you nodding yes. Yes, yes. Not to worry my friend, that day is a long way off and for now we are going to focus on kicking your marriage off looking better than you ever have. How fast you get to the stained shorts after that is completely up to you.
A Groom’s Guide to Buying the Best Suit

Let’s focus on how we’re going to dazzle your love on your wedding day in a well chosen suit. Or tux? This is a great place to begin. The first thing to ask yourself is how formal your wedding will be and whether you will be wearing a tuxedo or suit. This is a conversation to have with your betrothed as you will match in this regard. The main difference between a tux and suit is going to be satin: satin lapels, buttons, and the iconic stripe down the pant leg.

Once you’ve planned if your wedding will be a black-tie, formal, semi-casual, or casual occasion, that will point you toward suit colors

Tuxedos are not for before 5 p.m. (that’s a bit walk of shame-y, don’t ya think?) so it’s out for any daytime wedding. But night doesn’t necessarily mean it will be black tie either. Night could simply be formal and require a black or dark suit.  Day, night, formal, casual - establish these first. And not just so you can plan how much pre-game day drinking you can get away with. 

For casual or destination weddings, picture a beach. The tans of the sand, the blues of the water and think...hey buddy. Stop mind surfing those waves and come back to this page. We have suits to think about here. Anyhoo, a light colored suit is going to be the go-to. 

Someplace like a meadow, mountain lodge, or barn style wedding is more semi-casual and will require a medium color like light grey or even french blue if you like to flirt with the wild side.

A Groom’s Guide to Buying the Best Suit

The last - and we cannot stress this enough - and most important thing about whichever suit or tux you wear is going to be the fit. It’s hard to be taken seriously in an ill-fitting suit. Seriously. Start early with buying your suit and find a skilled tailor to get that custom fit you deserve. And since it’s your wedding, have a little fun. Add in a custom made bow tie, cufflinks, or your grandfather’s pocket square. 

You can kick this whole process off by taking the world’s least painful quiz. For more help, book a virtual appointment with our stylist to pick the best suit for your special day. We’ll even send you a suit to try on. If you love it, keep it. If not, send it back for free.

It’s your day and we’re going to help you look as good as you feel. Congratulations on choosing Tomasso Black and cheers to your wedding!