Custom Suit Q&A with Tom Greco

Custom Suit Q&A with Tom Greco - Tomasso Black
    Custom Suit Q&A with Tom Greco

    Tomasso Black Founder and CEO, Tom Greco answers questions about custom suits and tuxedos - from in person to virtual appointments, types of customizations and more.


    What are the main reasons clients choose custom? 

    The trend has been that grooms choose custom to get something really special for their big day. They are standing next to the star of the show and want to elevate their look to something really unique that fits great. 


    Is the price significantly different to ready to wear suits? 

    The base price difference is not that much more at a few hundred dollars between the 100% Wool and entry level custom suits. For the experience and fit, it's well worth it. 


    What's the difference between Custom and Made to Measure? 

    Custom is a more general term encompassing anything customizable. Then there are levels of custom. There is a long list of really cool and unique customizations that can be done with our program from choosing button types to really fancy linings and contrast stitching. The made to measure process includes try-on garments being used, then altered to get the perfect fit. This allows the turnaround time to be under 3 weeks!


    Explain the process... do customers first see a style they like and then choose fabrics for both the outside and the inside lining?

    Some customers come in and know exactly what they want, complete with a picture from Pinterest. Others have an idea of what they like and need a little or a lot of advice. We have an "I recommend, you decide" policy that works really well to create some one of a kind looks. The great part about custom is, when you walk into a room, you know no one else there is going to be wearing the same thing as you. There are also many little details on the suit that only you will know are there like the monograms inside the jacket or adding a secret pocket. The unique linings also set you apart from the crowd. 


    Can pockets or any other details be added? I know monogramming on the inside can be added, right? 

    If you see something on Instagram or TikTok, chances are we can make it. Jay-z wore a jacket with 5 sleeve buttons. We can do that and they're all functional so you can unbutton the last one and make the last buttonhole a completely different color. You can also choose pocket type besom, flap or patch and decide if you like them to be slanted or straight. You can add a ticket pocket above or onto the flap pocket. There are so many options when it comes to making the garment yours. You can also monogram the inside of the jacket or under the collar. You can even add initials, nicknames and special characters. 


    When you are being fitted in person, how many measurements are you taking?  

    I typically take close to 30 measurements and the process takes about 30 mins. We then design your one-of-a-kind garment. 


    If someone does a virtual appointment, how does this differ to an in person appointment? 

    For virtual appointments we are going over the fabrics, linings, lapels and other customizations and a local tailor is completing the measurements for us. I've also had customers send me a suit that fits them well and I can use that to create a new suit in the same size. There are many ways to measure virtually, we can get creative!

    To schedule an appointment for a custom suit or tuxedo, visit the 'About Us' section of our website.