Our Story

Tom Greco is a first-generation Italian-American. He was born and raised in the United States but brought up in a close-knit Italian family of Calabrian and Sicilian origin with a strong entrepreneurial DNA and a love of making exquisite clothes.


From a young age, he witnessed firsthand the craft of traditional Italian clothes making from his grandmother and aunts who were skilled seamstresses. He remembers watching the spools of thread move on the sewing machine as his grandmother pushed back and forth on the mechanic foot pedal. As the fabric fed into the machine, he could see how she stitched everything together to perfection, paying attention to every detail.


Watching them work with such joy and dedication ignited his love of fashion and instilled a deep respect for tradition in him. From his family, he also learned about dedication, commitment and valuing those who work with you, also about tending to clientele with care. This vision is what led many of his relatives to build successful enterprises of their own.


Tom is incredibly humbled to be able to pursue his true passion, to create a menswear brand that could bring traditional elements of fine Italian heritage and style to meet the needs of contemporary gentlemen.