Custom Suit & Tuxedo Options | Part 2

Custom Suit & Tuxedo Options | Part 2 - Tomasso Black

We're back with part 2 of our series on the options you have when designing a customize suit or tuxedo. Last time we discussed color and fabric choices, the choosing a lining, pockets, and adding monograms. This time we'll talk about buttons and some jacket basics to help get you thinking about the kind of look you want to create.

French blue suit with four white buttons - pink contrasting stitch


On a ready to wear garment, buttons hardly get noticed but on a custom piece the buttons are subtle way to add flair. Aside from the number of buttons, and actual button itself, clients can also choose a contrast stitching for the buttonhole and the color of the eyelet seen on the lapel. 

Grey suit with lapel eyelet in pink

Tomasso Black CEO and Founder Tom Greco says, “If you see something on Instagram or TikTok, chances are we can make it. Jay-z wore a jacket with 5 sleeve buttons. We can do that and they're all functional so you can unbutton the last one, and make the last buttonhole a completely different color. “

Close up of two men smiling; one wearing a balc suit with peak collar and black bow tie, the other wearing a light blue suit with notch collar and red bow tie


Do you know the difference in lapel styles? Lapels play a prominent role in the overall look of your suit. There are three types - notch, peak, and shawl - and there are variations on each in terms of their width and the option to add piping. 

The notch lapel is the most common and can be found on a majority of ready to wear suits, because it is universally flattering. Notched lapels have a V-shape between the lapel and the collar. 

The peak lapel extends further than the collar of the jacket, and its edges point upward. This upward angle helps to emphasize the width of the shoulders on the jacket, and narrows the waist.

Photo of man wearing black tuxedo with black bow tie.

The shawl lapel is commonly found on tuxedos. It is curved all the way around and has no peaks or notches. Shawl lapels are usually made of satin, and are often associated more with formal wear than the other two lapel types.

Single or Double?

Another custom option to choose from is whether or not you want a single or double breasted suit. Single breasted suits are classic. They typically have two buttons, though they can also have one button or three.

Man adjusting sleeve of dark grey, single breasted suit.

Double breasted suits can have four or six buttons and are usually associated with being more formal. All of the buttons don't have to close up either, it just depends on the overall look.

Groom on left, wearing a black double breasted suit, with bride on right, both smiling

Jacket Vents

Another detail you can choose on your jacket is how many vents you want. Clients can choose from one single center vent in the middle of the jacket or vents on each side of the jacket. The choice is yours!

Back of man standing in suit, with two side vents on his jacket.

“Some customers come in and know exactly what they want, complete with a picture from Pinterest. Others have an idea of what they like and need a little or a lot of advice.” says Tom Greco.  “We have an "I recommend, you decide" policy that works really well to create some one of a kind looks.”

 Man buttoning custom cream and green double breasted suit.

If you are considering going custom but you aren’t sure which way to go, remember, we can always help you decide. The TomassoBlack team will help you navigate the whole process! If you’re ready to take the next step, click on the “About Us” section and schedule an appointment with us.

Also keep an eye out for our next blog post on ever more ways to customize your suit or tuxedo!