Modern Fit Vs. Slim - What’s the Difference?

Modern Fit Vs. Slim - What’s the Difference? - Tomasso Black

Modern Fit Vs. Slim - What’s the Difference?

At Tomasso Black we frequently get asked what’s the difference between our Modern and Slim fit suits. The differences between the two fits are subtle, but important to consider when trying to decide which is the right suit for you.


Both our Modern and Slim fit suits offer a tailored look with a contemporary silhouette. They are more fitted than traditional fitting suits, which gives them a sharper overall appearance. Their fit also makes them both versatile. Our Modern and Slim fit suits can be used for a range of occasions from business meetings to formal events. 

Modern Fit

Our Modern fit suits offer a relaxed fit. They provide a balance between comfort and style, and allow for ease of movement while still maintaining a tailored appearance. Our Modern fit suit has a straighter, more classic silhouette. It offers a bit of extra room in the chest, waist, and thigh areas. The pants on our Modern fit are also less tapered down the leg than our Slim fit suits. They have a more traditional fit and look to them.

Slim Fit

Our Slim fit suit is more form-fitting and emphasizes a narrower, more streamlined look. The Slim fit is typically favored by those who prefer a more tailored appearance. Compared to our Modern fit suits, the pants on our Slim fit suits are more tapered down the leg. They have a trendier fit and look to them.

      Modern fit pants in blue, showing a looser leg than the slim fit mens suit       Slim fit pants in light grey, showing a more tappered leg than the modern fit mens suit


While both styles are flattering, I often tell customers that the real difference is a matter of preference. The choice between a modern fit and a slim fit ultimately comes down to how you want to look and feel when wearing your suit. If you prefer a looser, more comfortable fit, then our Modern fit is the suit for you. If you’re someone who likes a more fitted, streamlined look, then you are more suited for our Slim fit.

And if you are still not certain about which fit is right for you, you can always try them both. We offer free exchanges on all suits.