Spring Guide for the Groom

What Suits the Groom – Spring Edition

When it comes to your big day, what you wear is so much more than just a personal preference.


It’s about looking good and complimenting your future spouse’s attire. It’s also about being in unison with the season your wedding takes place in, as well as the overall tone of your wedding venue.


You may already have a suit color in mind, but spring is a great time to experiment with a bit of color. Spring suit colors are typically grey, blue, and navy, though black and beige may be appropriate as well. The time of day of your wedding and the venue will all play a part in your color choice. Other things to consider are if you are looking for a more traditional wedding look, or if you are somewhat of a fashion risk taker. Either way, your spring suit options are abundant.



Grey is the New Black

For those of you who are looking for a classy alternative to a black suit on your wedding day, grey may be your best choice. Grey suits are known for their versatility and are often seen as sharp and understated. They coordinate well with cool tranquil colors and pastels, as well as contrast nicely with bold colors like black.


The general rule with grey suits is the lighter the shade of grey the more casual the suit is. Though this rule isn’t a bad one to keep in mind, which grey hue looks best on you will probably have more of an impact on your decision making then anything else. Thankfully in the spring the weather isn’t too hot for darker shades of grey, but is also sunny and accepting of lighter shades as well. The right accessories can really help grey suits of all shades work to suit your occasion.



On Trend Blue

The absolute leader in forecasting color trends, the Pantone Color Institute, announced this year’s color of the year and for 2020 it’s classic blue. Good old reliable blue is a calm and confident color. As with grey, there is a spectrum of blue that is sure to suit you. For your more traditional wedding style, a navy blue suit is classic. For those of you who like a more complex color, royal blue suits are a bit brighter than navy, but still quite refined. If you are more confident in your look there are bolder blue suits (like our French blue) that may be just right for you.


Blue suits are not only on trend, but they also coordinate extremely well with an array of colors. They work well with calm colors such as champagne and lilac, as well as with more vibrant colors like lime green and peach.


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