Tomasso Black Holiday Guide

Tomasso Black Holiday Guide - Tomasso Black


We don’t know about the rest of you but we are so over sweatpants. We have to admit it was pretty fun for the first 19 months or so of 2020 but now we just miss getting dressed. And we don’t mean dressed in sweatpants and your college t-shirt or the Zoom uniform of boxers and a button down and tie. We miss getting properly dressed. A crisp clean shirt under a buttery soft suit with perfectly shined shoes and matching belt strutting down the street ready to take on the world. Ah, that is exactly what we need as we head into 2021. Because let’s face it, no one takes on the world in boxer shorts.

Tomasso Black Holiday Guide


Enter the Holidays

Oh, hello holiday season. How YOU doin’? The holiday season is the perfect excuse to ditch the sweats. The celebrations may look different this year but we’re here for it and we’re going to look smashing. In some form of suit is how we will be showing up for any and all occasions - virtual or otherwise - and it’s going to feel damn good.

Here is our look schmoov holiday plan:



This will likely be the smallest Thanksgiving we’ve ever attended but it will be the best we’ve ever looked. For Thanksgiving, we’re going beige. We know. You’ll be in the same color suit as the turkey but you’ll look way better. This year, we’ll pair this sharp suit coat with jeans and an indigo blue boro tie but any dark blue, orange, or green tie will set this off nicely. (Take that, turkey!) Tomasso Black Holiday Guide


Meeting the Fam

Some of you will be meeting your partner’s family this season. Whether virtual or in person, this is the time to bring out the big guns. We’re talking the Italian wool Royal Blue suit. Whether you take this suit to semi-casual or formal glory depends on the venue and your partner’s family but this is slam-dunk jumping off point.Tomasso Black Holiday Guide


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

We’re so excited to clean it up that we’re even showing up suited up for our favorite holiday party of all - the ugly Christmas sweater party. This may not look like it has in years past but we’ll be damned if we won’t look our best in the worst sweater! We’ll be climbing that mountain in this can’t-go-wrong buttery soft black suit and matching it to this year's epic sweater.Tomasso Black Holiday Guide


Work Party

Oh, the work party. We may be mostly working from home in sweats eating peanut butter from the jar but we don’t have to look like it at our holiday party. We are going to look like our suave selves in this luxurious Italian wool beautiful blue suit and that peanut butter jar is going to keep a lid on it about our snacking habits.Tomasso Black Holiday Guide 

The Big ‘Un

For a big event like Hanukkah or Christmas services, the choice is no other than this luxurious Italian wool suit in charcoal. The color is just the right amount of reverence and style, not to mention extremely versatile in regard to shirt and tie choices. It’s also adaptable to several different occasions which is why we love this as a gift. The gift being either the actual suit or just referring your loved one to all these stylish looks at dangerously low prices.Tomasso Black Holiday Guide


Yes! A suit makes a great gift. 

A suit is a gift that will be appreciated and utilized for years to come! If you are looking to buy your partner or loved one a suit, we are here to help. Take our fit finder quiz or book a 15 minute appointment with our stylist to find the right fit. And if it’s not? We’ve got you covered. We offer hassle free exchange. You can send back just the item that doesn't fit (not the whole suit) and we will ship you the replacement FREE and FAST.Tomasso Black Holiday Guide


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the mother of all looking smooth events only after weddings so we like to go big. If the event can accommodate it, this shark grey tuxedo is as comfortable as it is sophisticated. If the event is staying in, we like to picture a nice table set in front of the fireplace while you and your partner sip champagne dressed to the nines; sweatpants tucked way into the back of a drawer.Tomasso Black Holiday Guide


When you look good, we look good. Happy Holidays,


Tomasso Black