Top 5 Suit Mistakes

Top 5 Suit Mistakes - Tomasso Black

Top 5 Mistakes Men Make When Buying A Suit 

Let's face it, we've all made some style mistakes at some point or another. Some probably went unnoticed but why take a chance! A well dressed man in a great fitting suit or tuxedo will always be in style and a guy who looks like he has no idea what he's doing will always garner the wrong kind of attention. Here are our Top 5 mistakes men make when wearing a suit and how to avoid them:

1) Leaving some/all the tags and tack threads on your new suit.

When a suit is made sometimes there are threads added so it keeps its shape while hanging. These threads are usually a different color from the suit and are meant to be removed, not worn to your big event. Who knew??

2) Wearing a suit from 2 decades ago. Fashion changes and suits are no different. If you're trying to wear a hand me down from your dad who never throws anything away and think no-one will notice...they will. Save the denim suits for Halloween or a theme party. 

3) Wearing the wrong suit for the occasion. When in doubt, stick with the classics. Light colors for daytime and warmer weather, darker colors generally work for all occasions. While Peak Lapels are all the rage right now, don't overdo it with too many statement pieces. Some nice accents like a pocket square and the right tie can really set you apart without going overboard like these guys...

4) Wearing a suit you purchased before you dropped 20 pounds or more. I'd like to extend this to wearing a suit that no longer fits right. A weight fluctuation of more than 10 pounds in either direction will typically result in pants not fitting quite right.  

5) Not getting any alterations done. Our suits come with the pants unhemmed so you can have your local tailor set them in the exact spot you prefer. Pants come with a lot of extra material at the bottom of the leg. This is not because the baggy look is in style!