Top Three Tips for Choosing A Suit

Top Three Tips for Choosing A Suit - Tomasso Black
Top Three Tips For Choosing a Suit

There are a few things to consider when it comes choosing a suit for a special occasion. Here at Tomasso Black, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years about getting dressed for events of all sizes. Here are our top three tips for choosing the right suit.

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Location, Location, Location (and Time!)

To select a suit that is appropriate for the event you are attending, first check the invite! Is the event in the daytime or at night? Does it take place at an outdoor venue or in a swanky hotel? The time and location of the event will help determine if it's a formal or more casual affair. Both daytime and nighttime events can be formal, so considering the place of the event is equally important when deciding what to wear. If you are still unclear on how formal the event is, a safe bet is to wear a classic cut suit in a dark shade.

Two men standing outside of a building, one in the foreground, wearing a light grey suit and lavendar tie, and the other in the background wearing a beige suit

Keep it Seasonal

Another thing to consider when choosing a suit for a special occasion is the season. The types of fabrics used for suits in all seasons will vary. Suits in lighter colors and fabric weights should be worn during warmer months. Suits in darker colors with wool blend fabrics are better for cooler months. 

Man wearing sunglasses and a vest with red tie, holding his suit jacket over his shoulder.

Confidence is Key

Finally, pick a suit that feels good when you wear it. Wearing the right suit should give you a sense of confidence! For the majority of occasions, a single-breasted, two-button suit will work well, and suits constructed of high-quality material are always fashionable. If it fits well, and you feel good in it, then it’s the right suit for the occasion!

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Keep these three tips in mind when deciding what to wear to your next special event. Also check out our selection of suits and tuxedos - we’ve got options for all kinds of events from casual to formal, and everything in between. Don’t forget, you can also book an in person or virtual appointment if you want to customize your look further.