Men's 100% Italian Merino Wool Suits

Browse our high-end collection of the most popular and sought-after men's suits by Tomasso Black. We've helped many customers find the perfect suit that is just right for them, from style, color, size, materials, and everything in between. When shopping for the best suits for men, the occasion determines the type of men's suits you should be shopping for. Here at Tomasso Black, we take great pride in offering high-end wedding suits, everyday casual modern suits for the office, and men's luxury suits for that unforgettable evening night out.

We're regarded as the number one place to purchase beautiful and high-quality Italian suits for a fraction of the price. We've cut the middleman out and passed the savings directly to our customers to offer them unbelievably affordable and unique men's suits. Whatever the season or occasion, we guarantee that we'll have the perfect men's suit for you. Shop from our best-selling collection below, such as the all-time favorite, our Beautiful Blue Italian Suit. If you're looking for more modern suits online, then the Tailor's Stretch Blend Navy Suits are the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary style. Shop for the best luxurious men's suits below.

High-Quality Men's Italian Suits

At Tomasso Black, we've made shopping for the best fine Italian suits simple. With various colors, fits and styles, you can choose the real Italian suit that looks best on you. Browsing our selection, you'll find a series of blues, charcoal greys and black Men's Italian suits fit for your personal style. Whether you're looking for the perfect Italian wedding suit, a casual suit for the office or a suit you can wear out on the town, we've got you covered with high-end suits made from luxurious Italian wool fabric.

Find a 100% Wool Suit

When looking for a suit perfect for any occasion, an Italian wool suit is a popular option among men of all generations. The rich textured fabric breathes well and can be worn in the heat of the mid-afternoon sun or the cool of the night. Our superfine wool suits are soft to the touch, giving them a comfortable fit while offering amazing durability. Men's wool suits come in many different variations, but our top pick is the Luxurious 150's Merino wool suit.

Should I Purchase a Modern Fit or Luxury Slim Fit Suit?

When deciding to purchase Men's Italian suits, you'll first have to determine if you'd prefer a modern or luxury slim fit suit. At Tomasso Black, we carry both types for all of our fine Italian suits – giving you the option to find the fit best suited for your body type. The modern fit is more traditional, but we've made sure to add some subtle differences to give it a modern edge so you can still stand out from the crowd. Modern and luxury slim fit suits all feature the same fabric and colors – the only difference is the amount of room you have to fit your preference. The slim fit has similar features but with several adjustments that allow it to fit closer to your body. On our luxury slim fit suits, your jacket's lapels are thinned, the armholes sit higher and the pants feature a more prominent taper.

With both of our modern and slim fit suits, we'll leave the pant leg unhemmed so you can have your local tailor customize it to your exact specifications.

How Should My Italian Wool Suit Fit?

Traditionally, Men's Italian suits are cut close to the body, featuring two buttons and a single breast. There's no one way for your Italian wool suit to fit – that's based on your preferences. But, we at Tomasso Black can give you some fundamentals of a well-tailored Men's Italian suit that will have you looking your best.

The Jacket

There are four main parts of your jacket you should focus on for a perfect fit. These include:

  • The Shoulders: Your jacket's shoulders should follow the contour of your shoulder without extending beyond nor just short of it.
  • The Body: The body of your wool suit's jacket should fit close to your body – but never to the extent that it begins pulling. This is true for both of our luxury slim fit and modern fit suits. The top button should close without any strain. It should feel snug but never too tight.
  • The Sleeves: A standard rule for a jacket's sleeves is that you should be able to see 1/4" to 1/2" of shirt cuff from underneath the sleeve. This usually means the endpoint will fall onto your wrist bone.
  • The Length: For the best-looking proportions, we recommend the length of your jacket drape just under your rear.

The Trousers

There are only two main things to focus on when you're hoping to find the best fit for your trousers. These include:

  • The Hem: At Tomasso Black, we send all of our Men's Italian suits with the hem untouched to fit your personal preference. Some people like to have the hem sit on the top of their shoes, while others prefer it high to show off their socks.
  • The Fit: Overall, your trousers should fit trim, but not too tight. If you're spending all night dancing in one of our Italian wedding suits, you want to leave some room for flexibility.

Shop Tomasso Black for The Finest Men's Italian Suits

At Tomasso Black, we have the best collection of fine Italian suits for a fraction of the price compared to the other guys. We make sure to focus on even the most minor details to ensure you're getting the best products available on the market. If you have any questions about our real Italian suits, head on over to our FAQ page for a more in-depth look at our company.