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Men's Groom Tuxedos

An Italian tuxedo isn't for everyday wear – it's extraordinary. When you're a groom, tuxedo shopping can feel very intimidating. A groom's tuxedo will leave a lasting impression of a tremendously big day, which means there's a lot to consider. The fit is your first significant consideration – do you go for a fashionable slim fit look or keep it traditional? The next is the color. Should you stick to a timeless black and white Italian tuxedo or add a splash of color with navy blue? Not to mention, the groom's tuxedo isn't the only one that matters. Whether you're the best man, a groomsman or a special guest in an upcoming wedding, you'll want to make a splash with a fashionable Italian tuxedo for an unforgettable day.

Tomasso Black has Men's Italian groom tuxedos to match the look you have in your mind. You can choose from a modern fit or slim fit for each of our groom tuxedos in any of our color variations.

Why Should I Purchase a Wool Tuxedo?

Our Men's Italian tuxedos are made from high-grade Italian wool that offer plenty of benefits to the wearer. Wool is among one of the most popular fabrics in suits and tuxedos today for the following reasons:

  • Wool is Gentle on Your Skin: A wool tuxedo consists of thin, fine strands of all-natural fabric made from animal fur, making it exceptionally soft and luxurious on your skin. If you're at a wedding, you're going to want to be as comfortable as possible for the several hours you'll be in your wool tuxedo – both during the ceremony and on the dance floor.
  • Wool is Resistant to Mold: Just because you're looking for a groom tuxedo doesn't mean you won't break it out again for your next special occasion. Tuxedos are not something you wear every day, so odds are you'll need to store your wool tuxedo for a while before you put it on next. Wool tuxedos are resistant to mold and mildew because the wool will only absorb a minimal amount of water. Mold and mildew fungi can't thrive without water.
  • Wool is Lightweight: Some assume a wool tuxedo might be heavy because of wool's association with keeping warm in the winter – but it's actually quite the opposite. Premium, high-end wool tuxedos like those offered at Tomasso Black weigh less than most other fabrics like cotton or velvet.
  • Wool Looks Amazing: Of course, the main reason you would want a wool tuxedo for your big day is the stylish appearance they give off. The thin, delicate strands of fabric can give off a unique appearance you can't find in other fabrics.

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Tomasso Black is your number one supplier of premium Men's Italian tuxedos. Make a splash on your or your friend's big day with a wool tuxedo that makes a statement about you. Whether you're a guest, a groomsman or the groom, tuxedos from Tomasso Black always leave a lasting impression. If you're looking for more detailed information about our company and us, check out our FAQ page. Find the best Men's Italian tuxedos for a fraction of the price today at Tomasso Black.